LearningRx – Cognitive Skills Assessment

At LearningRx, we work with people of all ages who feel held back in school, work, or life by the way their brains are performing.  Unlike teaching and tutoring that deliver information, LearningRx’s unique one-on-one brain training programs target and work on the core skills that process information — skills like attention, memory, thinking, logic, and more. We work on the cause, not the symptoms, of learning struggles.  

Most learning struggles are caused by weak cognitive skills which often appear as:

• Homework hassles
• Reading or math problems
• Poor comprehension
• Inattention or loss of focus
• Organizational issues

LearningRx uses a battery of tests to identify weak cognitive skills. Then, we pair each client with a personal trainer for intense (but fun) mental workouts that work directly on those weaknesses.

More than 100,000 individuals and families have discovered how life changing LearningRx brain training can be. We work with people of all ages, from young students struggling in school to college students and adults. We have eight locations throughout the Twin Cities metropolitan area.

The first step is to schedule a Cognitive Skills Assessment. This nationally-recognized test will pinpoint the root cause of the learning struggle. We will take the time to review the assessment results with you, answer any questions, and recommend the LearningRx program that will work on and target your specific challenges.

Learn more by visiting www.learningrx.com/mn and see why Lori & Julia are so proud to partner with LearningRx


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