North Central Zone Garage – Polyurea Garage Floor- Standard 2-car garage application up to 400 square feet


Standard 2-car garage application up to 400 square feet. Standard installation includes Surface Preparation Normal crack and chip repair(severely damaged floor may require additional charge) Polyurea base coat Color flakes Your choice of 11 colors in stock (other colors available at additional cost) Polyurea top coat.

North Central Zone Garage…We are your garage floor experts offering the best garage floor coating with our ZG-Shield Polyurea coating product, three times more resistant to abrasion than epoxy floor coatings. Available in a variety of standard and custom colors and completely resistant to hot tire movement and practically all common chemicals; including gasoline, calcium, salt, oil, and grease. Our floors not only look great, they come with a twenty tear warranty and are practically indestructible against traffic and hard work. Application time is one day and you can drive on your new floor within 24 hours.

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