Bucket Tools LLC – Bucket Edge


The BUCKETEDGE was created to cut down on materials and time when painting practically anything, anywhere, by anyone This is the perfect tool for contractors & DIY home owners 

Not all jobs are the same, there might be some tight spaces. This package includes all 3 sizes of the Bucket Edge 

The Bucket Edge is a tape and drop clothe in one because of the length it extends off the wall. When painting, tape only protects an inch and a half away from the wall, the Bucket Edge gives you over 13 inches to save from paint splatters It will pay for itself and give you money back in your pocket the more you use it. How many painting tools do that for you? Just think how much tape would be saved per year that gets put in landfills. Cut your prep costs down over 80% on tape alone. There is no need to keep buying sleeves of tape spools on every job or paint project you do in your home. The savings don't stop there The time you will save is priceless With the BUCKETEDGE anyone can finish painting tasks with professional results. 

100+ Uses and Counting – 
1. Covers Woodwork/Floors/Concrete 
2. Shield while spraying exteriors on roofs, decks, and siding 
3. Scrape ceilings 
4. Mud pan 
5. Cutes straight lines 
6. Measure when putting up drywall 
7. Wallpaper 
8. Helps pull out paste after wallpaper is up 
9. Removes bubbles once wallpaper is hung 
10. Funnel for getting water out of sinks when drywall buckets can’t fit 
11. Dustpan 
12. Nest together for easy storage 
13. Hang it on handrails when rolling walls 
14. Clean and splatter free 

How to use videos: