Christina Clinic – 2 syringes of Restylane filler for the cheeks, lips or marionette lines

Reserve price: $419

There are not many clinics in the Twin Cities who have been in the hair removal and skin care business as long as Christina Clinic.

We have the experience to recommend the right treatment for you and the experience to do the treatment right, using the quickest and most comfortable state of the art technology available.

Your initial appointment will begin with a personal consultation to evaluate what type of care is best for you. If a procedure isn’t right or safe for you… we’ll let you know. We’ll also take great care to answer all your questions and ensure you understand everything before we start.

As people get older, the visible signs of aging rapidly increase due to certain factors including facial expressions such as laughing and scowling, and harmful effects of the sun. These signs of aging become clearly noticeable in the forms of wrinkles and lines on the face and on the skin of other parts of the body. As the skin starts to crumple down, it begins to lose its smoothness and young appearance. If you’re seeking an effective method to revitalize your skin without having to go through a surgical procedure, then Restylane is one of the ideal options for you.

Restylane corrects deep folds on the cheeks to bring more volume to the face and to provide a fuller shape. For lip augmentation, it’s injected into the upper and lower lips. This beauty treatment typically doesn’t require administration of anesthesia, but when used for lip augmentation, the practitioner administers a local anesthesia. Aside from the face, Restylane can also be administered on skin of other body parts that needs treatment.