Institute of Non-Destructive Testing – Nondestructive Testing Technologies Certificate Program

Non-Destructive Testing (NDT), ensures the safety, quality, and reliability of structures and products in various industries, including manufacturing, aerospace, and construction.

Technicians use different methods like ultrasonic or radiographic testing to analyze material properties without causing damage, detecting invisible flaws or defects.

NDT is essential in improving product quality and longevity, making it a critical process in today’s world.


8 month Nondestructive Testing Technologies Certificate Program. Includes: 7 months of online training courses, followed by 18 days of hands-on training

at our Baxter, MN facility.

• Housing accommodations are included.

• All books, course material, lab supplies

• Instructor support during your online training

• Live video tutoring on request

• Six Starting dates per year

• Job placement assistance

92% graduate job placement within 90 days of graduation