Osseo Gun Club and Pro Shop – Multi-state Permit to Carry Class

Osseo Gun Club offers the MN Multi State Permit to Carry Class at times that are convenient for you with day,evening and weekend classes. All of our classes are held on site in our state of the art classroom with the live fire portion of class conducted in our private range area away from the general public. All of our classes are taught by experienced and certified professional instructors. Classes are held daily–cost includes the use of a firearm . MN Permit To Carry Class covers all of the requirements of the Minnesota Personal Protection Act and is valid in multiple states. In this class we will cover: Minnesota Statue 624.714. Basic Safety Principals. Proper Shooting Fundamentals. Anatomy of a Firearm. Ethical responsibilities, the use of Lethal Force. The student will have a live fire range session and fire approximately 25 rounds at a life sized target at a distance of approximately 5 & 15 yards.