Opal Cool

Opal – Cool Products for Hot Women

Opal cool therapy products are designed by women, for women. Women with menopause, MS or migraines. Nursing moms and female athletes. For every stage of life, but especially during our time of transition, Opal is symbolic of health, healing and resilience.

How Opal Products Work

Made in Red Wing, MN, Opal Cool products are FDA-registered, Class One medical devices that use specially formulated phase-change material to pull heat away from the body. As the heat is drawn away, your body is cooled – drug free, for safe, soothing relief.  

Opal’s Cool Products for Hot Women

Our clinically tested Opal Cool Wrap is uniquely designed to reduce hot flashes, night sweats and other symptoms of menopause.  After four weeks of use, 70% of women in our clinical study reported a 75% reduction in the number and severity of hot flashes. The Cool Wrap also cools the core safely to relieve symptoms of MS.   

The Opal Cool Pad provides relief for migraines and cools night sweats for soothing slumber. This surprising cool product is specially formulated and does not require refrigeration. It recharges at room temperature and is re-cool and ready for your next night’s sleep. The Cool Pad also provides cool comfort for office chairs, wheel chairs and hospital beds.

In pain or feeling a fever? The Opal Cool One provides soothing relief for back or hip pain and also pulls heat away from your core to treat fevers. It also provides safe and soothing healing for C-section recovery.

Opal’s Gal Pals, our cooling bra inserts, are the Breast Gift Ever  The Gals aren't just for hot flashes, but also for nursing moms, female athletes and all women who run a little hot and need a quick cool down.

Cool and ReUse

The 58 degree products (Cool Wrap, Cool One and Gal Pals Chill) re-cool in the refrigerator in less than 30 minutes and can be reused hundreds of times.

Our 80 degree Cool Pad and Gal Pals Go feel surprisingly cool on your 98.6 degree body. The Cool Pad stays cool for up to two hours and recharges itself at room temperature after use.  Pack a pair of Gal Pals Go in your purse or gym bag. They’re ready when you are

To clean Opal cool products’ antimicrobial surface, use a damp cloth with mild antibacterial soap and air dry.

Vouchers are printed online.