RAVE Sports – Touring 11’6″ Seabreeze and Paddle



Touring 11'6" Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP) Seabreeze

Touring Series:

Combination board ideal for intermediate paddlers who want glide / speed and stability for longer excursions as well as for recreational paddling
Displacement-style hull cuts through waves and choppy water; best for both calm and rough conditions
Board length of 11'6" provides best performance for paddlers weighing 100-180 pounds
Designed for durability and longevity with Hexcel fiberglass construction with extra reinforced hard sides (rails)
Includes elastic cargo net, 5 tie down points, self-venting plug, recessed handle, and 10" removable fin
Limited 1 year warranty

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Glide PolyGlass Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP) Paddle

The Glide PolyGlass SUP paddle features a carbon fiber reinforced Fiberglass shaft with durable polycarbonate blade. The Qwik Levr adjusting lever allows for infinite length adjustments, and the EVA handle provides a comfortable grip. This strong, yet lightweight paddle won't mark up your board either

When adjusting your paddle generally, the paddle height should be 8-10 inches above the paddler’s height. Starting with no shoes on and arm raised, your paddle handle should sit in your palm.
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